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Len MachtThere are many unattached people out there today, and whether they are unmarried, separated, widowed or divorced, they are really all "single".

"Where can I go to meet other single people like myself and enjoy the experience?" We've heard the same story from many singles who feel uncomfortable in an environment of bars, discos and dating services. The same problem is faced by both men and women alike.

TGIF is not a dating service or match-making club, although many members have happily connected.

TGIF will bring changes to your life. We can't promise you happiness or that your dreams will come true - who can? - but we do give you a stage to play on and a troop of very interesting characters to help you write your own script.

Test drive TGIF today & try an event before you join.

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"This is my personal invitation to you. Choose an introductory evening and one event from our monthly calendar of activities and check us out! All of the events are affordable and there is something - and someone - of interest for everyone."

Len Macht